Dedicated Account Manager

By entering into partnership with allpack® as your packaging provider, you are allocated a dedicated named account manager. So although you get given an account number, you are not treated as just a number.

Stock Management Systems

A complete packaging management programme removing a) the need to carry large stock levels of bulky packaging at your premises, and b) the responsibility of maintaining sufficient packaging supplies to prevent any production stoppages.

Competitive Pricing Promise

For complete peace of mind, you can rest assured that you are getting a fair sustainable deal on all of your packaging requirements.

Time Critical Supply Solution

Raising the game in Packaging Just-in-Time services, this programme guarantees to end your packaging supply problems.

Process Intelligence

Is your packaging ‘process’ and ‘flow’ intelligent?

We not only supply you the materials and tools to do the job, we guarantee to optimise your complete packaging process to show real, tangible results. We speed up the process, reduce downtime, increase productivity and eliminate waste. How? Let our team put your packaging department to our Process Intelligence test today and prove how…!

Customised Data Management

State-of-the-art, up-to-the-minute packaging data reporting to remove the headache of Packaging Regulation requirements, department budgeting, cost analysis, forecasting exercises etc.

Bespoke Design

Packaging is no longer just packaging. It’s a branding tool, and how you choose to present your product to your target audience is key to getting this first impression right. It doesn’t matter how great your product is if the packaging has already disappointed the customer either by presentation, or worse, by its performance.

  • Better first impression
  • Stand out
  • Add prestige
  • Reduce returns

Our team of graphic and constructional designers will develop the best packaging solution for your application, working closely with you throughout the development process. From the selection of the appropriate materials to advice on print and manufacturing processes, we will develop a detailed specification that will ensure performance & functionality. To find out more...

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